When we decided on a Rottweiler we first took to the web looking for a reputable breeder and did we hit the jackpot. We worked with Sarah for almost a year to get our puppy and it was worth the wait. Our Kodak is perfect and we couldn't be happier. Sarah really made an effort to keep us informed during the process, spent time helping us understand the breed prior to pickup and in our case the puppy is 90% potty trained. Our experience met all of our expectations. Its been great working with them!


Professionalism, Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness, Value

We have been working with HDGP for over a year before we got our puppy. The responsiveness was amazing. Highest quality people breeding wonderful healthy calm Rottweilers. My wife and I have been completely satisfied with the service and quality. These people love their dogs, and it is very apparent in the happy demeanor of the puppies! I recommend them highly!!!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Jarad Loston


Man where do I start? I love this family from the deepest depths of my heart! The world needs more people like Reggie and Sarah!! Such good, honest, trustworthy, loyal, kind, and caring people. Their kids are the most respectful, and kind kids! They love the breed. Truly love the breed. no matter the time of day, if they see your call or text they will answer. Their knowledge of the breed is mind blowing. If they didn’t have an answer for me, they didn’t stop until they found it. They care so much about preserving the Rottweiler breed, and changing the stigma on the way the world sees these beautiful dogs. Their dogs are top of the line. So gentle, smart, kind, and respectful dogs. Their dogs are truly apart of their family. You can’t go wrong choosing from this kennel! Top of the line!! They answered any question I had from the very beginning of the process. To even after I got my puppy. Reggie and Sarah will truly treat you like family. That’s what makes them so special. They care about your puppy just as you would. They constantly check in. Give updates. Pictures. I thank God everyday that i found this kennel. They have become part of my family that i will forever cherish. I have definitely found my forever breeder! I highly recommend! If you’re looking for a Rottweiler puppy, from an established breeder who puts out quality dogs, cares about the breed, and will also treat you as family. Choose Haus Des Groben Pfoten! You will thank me later.

Maria Marx


I will start this review from the beginning of the story: Back in the middle of September my husband put a deposit down for a puppy. My husband wanted to make sure that we both were going be happy and prepared for this puppy when he would arrive sometime in April. Well unfortunately my husband contracted the corona virus and he is critically ill and in the hospital in Houston. I took it upon myself to call Sarah and tell her what was going on. I explained to her, that when my husband gets out of the hospital (because he is going to) I have all the faith in the world. My husband is going to need my undivided attention to help him to continue to heal. I wouldn’t want for our puppy to feel left out or unattended. So I told her to please give this chance to someone else. She agreed without hesitation. She refunded our deposit. It’s people like these, with love in their heart who we need in our everyday lives. I highly recommend them. I know that when my husband gets home and well we are going to get our puppy from Sarah.

New Mexico

When we decided that we wanted to have a Rottweiler as part of our family, we did a lot of looking online. Sarah and Reggie Ellis’s Haus Des Groben Pfoten by far outmatched any other breeders we read about. But that was just the beginning!! Once the process got started , Sarah and Reggie were very responsive and quick to answer texts and emails. We soon realized that they take their business seriously and their dogs are not dogs. They are family !! The process from beginning to end was pleasant. We have the most beautiful and healthy beautiful little Rottweiler girl. I would highly recommend any looking for a new family member to call Sarah and Reggie. You will not be disappointed. Bryan and Charlotte Sims

San Antonio

When I first found Sarah, we recently lost our Rottweiler, Bear. From day 1- we stayed in touch, discussed what kind we wanted, the temper, the sex, etc. .
Sarah was great about letting us know when Daria was pregnant. Throughout the pregnancy and birth we were able to see Daria and puppies progress. She kept us in the loop when they had their shots, tails docked, dewormed, and anything you can think of that pertains to their health.
Sarah is super patient and eager to answer any questions we had. After we picked up our Hailey, she is still answering our questions about our little girl's eating and drinking habits. Sarah, Reggie, and the entire family truly care about all of their dogs and their puppies.
The one thing I warn people is remember dogs are like people- some times they ovulate but pregnancy doesn't occur. If you are patient and have faith the right puppy will come; you will be blessed with a little bundle of joy- just like us.


When we decided as a family, we wanted an amazing family, defender, loyal and loving dog. We decided to go with a Rottweiler! So the search began. I’m a huge person on reviews. ( more reading than writing them) That’s where we stumbled on Haus Des Grossen Pfoten♥️. Sarah is the absolute best! She made this whole experience the easiest ever!! Completely thorough through the whole process! Sarah and her wonderful family are not your typical breeders. They put their whole hearts ♥️ And passion in it! You can feel it the whole way!! We are so blessed to have Thor in our family and look forward to the memories to come! We will make sure Sarah and her family are along the ride with us! This whole process is 1st class all the way! Top of the line! We traveled all the way from Midland, TX (17 hour round trip) and would do it all over again! From the bottom of our hearts, the Reyes family is so thankful we found you guys!! We love Thor ♥️

Jerald and Ikaniesha Williams


The care and the attentiveness that Sarah and Reggie give these fur babies are beyond expectation. Would not have wanted to purchase our fur baby with any other breeders Thank you so much Haus Des Grossen Pfoten Rottweiler Kennel, our Sasha is one of a kind. Our next pup will definitely be purchased through these guys.

Camaran Roberts


From start to finish, fantastic experience!
Initially reached out when we found their dame and stud pair interested in (about 6 months in advance of when breeding was to happen), and Sarah was so good about keeping me UTD about progress of mom coming into heat through babies arrival!
She took wonderful care of our girl and sent updates through the weeks of her life!
We are in love with our little girl! Her temperament is amazing and she is pretty perfect in the looks department too!
Would absolutely recommend Sarah and Reginald to be the ones to get your four legged family member from!

Looking forward to seeing her grow up!

Samuel Martinez


Sara made the whole process easy and maintained us informed! We are super happy with our boy.

Nickol Cesaroni

New York

We purchased Axa Vom Camelot from sarah and her family. Sarah set up reliable transportation from houston to buffalo ny. She answered all our questions and supplied us with all necessary paperwork. Axa arrived a little nervous from her long trip but quickly adapted. She checks in regularly to see how Axa is doing which shows she cares and has a very good relationship with her dogs. If i have a question she is quick to respond and she continues to be involved with us. She definitely cares about her animals and it shows. From silly questions of mine about what toys she likes to guiding us through axa's first delivery with us, we are very happy with it all. Sarah and her family are knowledgeable, honest, and reliable. We haven't bought a puppy from her but i can assure anyone that is interested, you cant go wrong with this breeder!!

Christopher Werline


We received our new baby today and could not be more happy with the process! It was a pleasure working with Sarah from the application process to receiving our new addition to the family. Thank you so much!

Judy Baker


I can’t even begin to tell you how happy that we are with our new fur baby!!  Reggie and Sarah are amazing breeders that provide exceptional quality puppies. The care and concern they give to the customer is unbelievable!!  They were very knowledgeable about all things concerning the Rottweiler breed.  We purchased a female puppy as a companion for our 1 year old male.  She is the sweetest most lovable little thing but don’t push her... as my male found out, she can be feisty!! I am so thankful that I met the Ellis family!!  I highly recommend them to any one wanting a high quality puppy!

Tomasina Sampa


Even though we usually rescue, we've had a few experiences with breeders, and I can truly say that our experience with this breeder has been by far the best. Sarah communicated and kept us informed during the entire process and was always there to answer any and all questions in a very timely manner. She has been a pleasure to do business with. One can only wish that all breeders were as responsible! Our new pup is gorgeous, healthy, and such a joy. We are so in love with him!  Thank you for giving us another beautiful fur baby from heaven.

Theresa Webb


Words will never be able do justice about my experience with these wonderful breeders.  I had to retire my first service dog and after she made the transition from service dog to companion pet, I began the arduous task of searching for a new dog to begin training as my  faithful and trusted service companion. 

After careful consideration I decided on a rottweiler as I have experience with them and know they are extremely intelligent dogs and knew what to look for.  I was searching for a breeder for almost half a year that met all my personal requirements for a mobility support dog. My demands were high and I was not finding any breeder that had all the health clearances I wanted to see in parents as well as a clearly defined puppy guarantee and contract.

I finally contacted Sarah with Haus Des Groben. After speaking with her at length, I knew I had found the perfect people to get my new dog from. Sarah was extremely patient and answered all of my question, provided all information about her litters and temperament.  They had all the testing done that I wanted to see done. She is the one who decided which dog she would be best for my needs. She worked with me and my family/support team through the entire process and I never felt rushed or pressured.

There were several people involved in helping me get my perfect puppy -from getting her paid for (several members of my family helped make this possible) and Sarah never once acted irritated or inconvenienced by this and worked so well with all of us. We even got her paid a bit earlier than expected and then it was a whirlwind of last minute organizing to have my daughter pick her up for me so we could meet halfway between my home in Colorado and their home in Texas. Sarah was patient with it all.

I could not be more happy with the puppy Sarah chose for me. She is such a calm and gentle soul! I already love her dearly and I know she will make a wonderful service dog and companion for me.

Not only have I gained a wonderful new dog, I feel like I have also gained a lifelong family friend in Sarah who will always care about and take an interest in how her babies are doing once they leave her home.

Andrew Mannino


Wonderful, from the time I started emailing to the day I picked my dog up. They were very professional and are very responsive. So happy with my new family member.

Marla Steward


They were so sweet and wanted to thank them again for holding our beautiful girl for us! So excited to have her and veterinarian said she was very well taken care of. Top breeders for sure!!

Kirk Johnson


Positive: Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I picked up my puppy from Sarah and Reggie and words cannot say how wonderful they are and how grateful I am for my puppy. The quality of my puppy is top notch. She looks beautiful, she is healthy, she is active, she is smart, she is attentive. I’ve had many dogs before. This is at the top of the charts pup. Sarah and Reggie put a lot of time and effort into breeding the best and I do mean the best puppies. Plus they really do care about every second of the puppies life. From the day they are born even after the puppy leaves them. I’ve never been more happy. If you are looking for the number one place to purchase the perfect Rottweiler puppy. Look no further than Sarah and Reggie. I can’t wait to purchase a boy pup from them when the time is right. Thank you and God Bless Sarah and Reggie!

Mark Francis


Positive: Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

With in the last two year I’ve  purchased two puppy’s from this kennel and I must say that I am very  impressed with the new members of my family. I have and would highly recommend you guys to anyone who’s looking for quality, value and a new family member.Thanks a lot will keep in touch

Darryl Hudson


Well we have had our new baby for 1 week. Jasper has already become one of the family with an unbelievable personality. If you are interested in a Rott, Sarah, Reggie and there family at HAUS DES GROBEN PFOTEN are ABSOLUTELY one of the best around. Super friendly and a good looking bunch to boot ;-). I have been around Rotts for well over 20 years and their dogs are are some of the best looking well mannered I have seen. Anyone would be remiss if they didn't at least check out this Breeder. I believe you will be GLAD you did.

Victoria Serralta


Excellent rottie breeder!!  She and her family are "all in" for these beautiful, quality dogs.  We couldn't be happier with our sweet girl and look forward to many wonderful years with her!!  Keep doing what y'all do ❤❤❤

Charmaine Baldwin


Rated highly for: Punctuality, Responsiveness, Quality, Value

This was such an awesome experience ! The owner kept us up to date on everything, even sent pictures as the pups grew. We are absolutely in love with our little guy.  I highly recommend them !!!!

Alex Azucey


Positive: Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Good morning, my experience with Reggie and Sarah was amazing, the moment I came in contact with them I knew that they would be the ones to give me the exact breeding standards I wanted. The information throughout the process that she gave us was outstanding and detailed. She was really responsive to all our text messages and calls and was really informative. The payment process was easy and she is really spot on on giving appropriate paperwork for the dog. There was no hesitation on my part as soon as I came in contact with her. The males “studs” look amazing and is the exact build that the German Rottweiler are known for. When we picked up our dog we met her whole family and gave us a breakdown on how everything works, she showed me the male and female and they amazing looking and temperament was outstanding. She and her husband has done us great service and I would recommend to everybody, my next dog purchase will be with her and so should yours. My puppy is great shape and is well fed, temperament is amazing and I am so grateful I came across them. I am so happy. Thank you.

Kathy Mayfield and Derrick Walker


Rated highly for: Punctuality, Responsiveness, Quality, Value

Being a first time dog mom, Haus des groben pfoten took me and my family under their wing. They are very knowledgeable, great quality service and extremely friendly. We live in Arkansas, so from the start the process was smooth. Each puppy is well groomed, the shots was done, and if you need information at ANY time Sara and Reginald are available!!! The professionalism is something I look for. Very pleased. Very happy about our new Rottie puppy!!!

Rebecca Padilla Martinez


Rated highly for: Punctuality, Responsiveness, Quality, Value

I am absolutely in love with my Rottweiler!🐾  My experience with the breeder was positive from the start and has remained as such.  Response time to questions were always in a timely manner, I never once felt pressured, the breeder is very knowledgeable and friendly, I was always kept informed and up to date on my baby, and most importantly our baby is perfect, smelt and looked amazing upon pickup.  I am so glad I found Haus Des Groben Pfoten Rottweiler Kennel🐾❤️ and the friendship we’ve built is forever. ❤️

Francoi Lewis


Rated highly for: Value, Quality, Punctuality, Responsiveness

thank you guys so much for the new addition to our home,  we felt like part of the family from our first conversation, they are lovable, super super nice, very professional. quick to respond..great communication. and i can tell that all there babies are well taken care of and loved and spoiled😁..I can't say enough amazing things about them...if you are looking for an addition to add to your home (rottweiler ) this is where you want to go...I will be back

Jeffery Harris


This breeder is very knowledgeable and cares about the breeding process. They go out their way to make sure you come home with a good quality pet. Hands down 5 stars.

Rafal Krysztofowicz

Costa Rica

Rated highly for: Quality

Very carrying and professional family. Thank you for a healthy and beautiful puppy. Had my puppy shipped to Florida, Sarah took care of everything and still stays in touch with me. Always available to answer my questions regarding my Rottweiler puppy.

Scott Altemus


Rated highly for: Value, Quality, Punctuality, Responsiveness

We are just so happy with our new Rottweiler puppy that we got from them. From the start Sara and Reggie have been a pleasure to deal with.  They are so communicative, friendly and helpful throughout every stage of the process and even after you have your dog. The puppies are all so beautiful that when it came time to picking one it didn’t matter so much because they were all beautiful. When I got my pup I took him to the vet and the vet commented that whoever he came from obviously took great care of him. So healthy and well cared for. Everyone at the vet clinic who deals with dogs all the time was commenting how great he looked. I would not hesitate to buy another puppy from them or to recommend them to anyone else. They are very nice and knowledgeable breeders with only the best blood lines.

Tomasina Sampa


Most beautiful Rottweilers I've ever laid eyes on! 🐾❤🐾

Debbie Gillette

North Carolina

Mr. Ellis has the best looking Rottweilers I have seen in a very long time

Mina Sawiris


If you want to have a beautiful healthy rottweiler this is the family to go to, they have the best kennel, so welcoming and they were always there when I needed help with my puppy

Carlos Azuara


I just want to start off by saying my personal experience was amazing with this kennel. They have a beautiful selection of dogs as well. They were always very attentive to anything I would say and would call me or text me back if I had any questions. This family runs a great kennel and I would highly recommend if you want a quality, healthy Rottweiler 💯

Joanne Mulanax


I bought my baby Kamora from them a few weeks ago! She is an amazing girl!! The Ellis’s do have the most beautiful and well mannered Rottweilers!! I’ll be buying another 1 in the future from them!

Scott Canady


Great kennel.  Very informative. The owners love their dogs and it shows.  Super professional. First class breeder and kennel. I would highly recommended for future buyers looking for a quality breeder and Rottweiler. My family is very pleased with our new family member.  Thanks Sarah and Reggie..

Robert Mcgrew


Looking for that great  family pet can be 
hard but Haus Des groBen pfonten has made this experience easy and exciting
They keep you updated on your puppy from start (puppy Ultrasound) to the day you pick the puppy up and always available by phone to answer any and every question
Very nice  people and top of the line Rottweilers
Thank y’all very much Mr and Mrs Ellis

Patrick and Alexis Rostro


We Just want to Thank the Ellis Family, for our new Edition!!! "ZEUS" it was a hard choice but, Reggie and Sarah, have been nothing but knowledge and have made our experience with the whole process a breeze...we appreciate all the helpful tips to getting our pup home and cant wait to start making memories with our little BIG guy thank you so much for everything!!!!!

Hunter and Lesly Burrows


Hunter and I were devastated after receiving our boy Warden's OFA scores. Our hopes were high that Warden would be the star stud of our kennel. Warden's parents were OFA HD ED free, unfortunately he has moderate dysplasia and the poor pooch just turned 2 years old! needless to say, he cannot breed, talk about a crushing blow.
Hunter searched unsuccessfully for days to find a top quality, champion European bloodlines, who had already been health tested and is ready to breed. The Ellis' entered our lives exactly the right time, with the perfect male to be the star stud of our kennel. I knew immediately that Sarah and Reggie had an extraordinary kennel because of their love and adoration to their Rottweilers. The passion the Ellis' have for the breed, devotion to improving the breed, and ensuring their dogs safety is outstanding! Sarah is a joy to talk to, a pleasure to do business with, and I am looking forward to a friendship because of her and Reginald's wonderful Coba. The Ellis' will leave pawprints on your heart, just as their dogs will.

Durail Johnson


I can’t begin to tell about the Ellis family with their Rottweiler, from begging to the end of me picking my puppy up was mind blowing they are truly experienced and open minded. They made me feel like I was family of the Rottweiler world vs being a rookie they never talked down on me but uplifted my every moment with them I literally could write a book about my experience with them (never mind all the run on sentences 😂) and to tell you the truth they answered the phone 90% of the time on the first call for any inquiries! If you are needing a Rottweiler please don’t look pass this kennel btw they even let me  in their kennel and seen their set up but I will tell you pictures don’t do their Rotts any justice Kamodo is UNREAL TRUST ME ON THIS so get to Houston and see @haus des gossen pfoten Rottweiler long story short I overly love this kennel they are my role model I look up to them!!!

Thoma Bond


I’ve never given any business a review, however after, my experience of purchasing a pup through Haus Des Groben Pfoten I decided to give this exceptional kennel a review.

From the beginning of the purchasing process of my pup, Reginald and Sarah Ellis were professional, honest and helpful to me and very caring about their pups. There was no question I had, that I did not receive an immediate answer. I never had to request a photo of my pup, Sarah from the time of birth, would send weekly photos of my little girl making me feel like I had an active part in watching her grow and change from infant to toddler. From six weeks to time of shipment, pups shot records, vet checks, micro-chip information were all provided along with advanced notice of her shipping date and information, all which provided me with peace of mind because of Sarah’s attention to detail. On pups shipping day Sarah took the extra time to send me a photo of pup secured and ready for her flight, and that same morning pup’s registration paperwork, transferred in my name, arrived via email. Later that evening I held a gorgeous, healthy, happy puppy, safely in my arms.

So my thanks to Reginald, Sarah and their troop of young puppy handlers, for making my purchase of one of their exceptional pups an absolute pleasure and also for Haus Des Groben Pfroten, being a kennel that truly represents the best of this breed and has an absolute love for the noble Rottweiler breed.



Thoma Bond

Jackie and Bill Bedell


Thee best breeders “Hands Down” that we have ever dealt with in our Rotti’s,, and this is #5 for us.
Sarah & Reggie honestly do take special care in answering every question you have and are very personable, honest, caring, and a delight to work with! You really feel like you have known them forever! Next we received the most Beautiful, healthy, sweet, well loved great temperamental puppy. Our new baby boy is absolutely stunning in every way and we are proud to be the first Canadians to be part of this awesome bloodline of Rottweilers! Many thanks Sarah & Reggie,! It has been a pleasure dealing with you and also many thanks to your kids as well for pre-caring and loving our new family member. He really is a joy!!


Jackie & Bill

G. Lopez


Was really impressed with the male we recently brought into our family! Can't wait to see him grow as his parents were some of the biggest I've seen. THANK YOU ALL ONCE AGAIN!!

Patti B.


We loved dealing with Haus Des Groben Pfoten they are wonderful.  Sara is the sweetest.  We can’t get enough of our new addition Freya. Thank you so much we are so happy we found you!
The Ballengers from Naples, Florida

Candace Lewis


I have recommended this family to so many people. They are not only excellent at what they do, they are wonderful people as well. Their dogs aren’t just beautiful but also family friendly with great temperaments. We are in love with our baby & she is spoiled rotten!! Don’t look anywhere else if you’re looking for a rotti. You will not be disappointed.

Luis Cruz


Amazing people, great dog breeders my wife and I got our baby from this kennel if u looking for a top quality rottweiler puppy this is the right kennel, I'll definitely will be back to purchase another puppy from them...

RevChristobel E. Hanz


This is a Rottweiler breeder with excellence. You can be guaranteed of a sound and well tempered dog. Haus des Groben Pfoten has creditability and ethics. Haus Des Groben Pfoten Rottweilers are one of the top of the line Rottweiler breeders you find around today. These dogs come from European Bloodlines, most of them, and have that gorgeous block head and sturdy frame.

I know Reginal & Sarah Ellis personally and can vouch for their integrity and honestly when is comes to breeding. I can highly recommend them to you. You do not need to go out of the country to find a top of the line Rottweiler when Haus Des Groban Pfoten Rottweilers is right in the heart of Texas.

Personally I would rather buy from somebody that I know backs up their word than an advertisement I see on the internet.

Contact them today and see for yourself !

I highly recommend this breeder to you <3

Reverend Christobel E.Hanz

Queensley and Johnny


They are big and huge, awesome

Woodro and Laren


Thank you Sarah and Reggie for our beautiful baby. She is a big beautiful ball of love. We will be back for another one. Highly recommend this kennel.

Marshall Speights


I had been searching for the perfect Rottie line for quite sometime but once I seen a picture of my Rollo, his mom Diamond and of course his dad Komodo I was sold! Reginald and Sarah went out of their way to meet with NO PRESSURE FOR A SALE! I was very impressed with their follow through and follow up of the purchase. There are many undesirable people in the breeding business but these guys are the best I've ever purchased from! My family and I love our Rottie, he is very intelligent, has a great demeanor and personality! If I'm ever in the market for another I will definitely seek these guys out first! Thank you for everything!

Juan and Lindsey

New York

It was nice to meet you and your beautiful dogs. We love our new family member. We recommend this kennel.

David Vela


The process of purchasing a Rottweiler puppy from Sarah and Reggie's kennel went very smooth. They made me feel extremely comfortable and confident in choosing my family's puppy. We are so thankful and excited to have our new pup join our family. I highly recommend Haus Des Gfoben Pfoten if you're considering buying a Rottweiler. Their dogs are beautiful and very family friendly. Thanks so much.

Bear and Kimberly


We highly, highly, highly, recommend this kennel on getting your next Rottweiler puppy from. Sarah and Reggie is very kind and their Rottweilers are very beautiful. They have all OFA Health Checked dogs. It's great to know that our puppy comes from healthy parents. 

Corina Cruz


I can’t get enough of our fur baby ! 😍😍 I love coming home to him , Bruno is already so spoiled , he is a mamma boy, always have to be around me and have to sleep next to me or he cries! Thank you so much I knew from the moment I picked him out he was the one 😍 he love cuddles and very active.



Beautiful couple and very beautiful dogs. I love my new baby, she is so precious. I highly recommend this kennel.

Kay Fox


Adorable dogs fantastic owner

Steven and Dionna


We highly recommend this kennel to purchase your next  puppy from. Reggie and Sarah was great, and have some of the most beautiful dogs. Top kennel!!!! 

Robert Hanlon

New Jersey

Absolutely top of the line dogs !



Thank you for my new pup. I get compliments all the time while I'm on the road with him. Thank you for making everything easy and providing me with this excellent boy.

Eva Gregory


HAUS DES GROBEN PFOTEN ROTTWEILERS are a breed apart from the average Rottweiler. All the dogs have excellent backgrounds, they are raised as family members, given much attention and each one is loved!!! There are many great Kennels out there but I feel this is TOPS!!!

Sean & Johanna


We picked up Shaka on Tuesday and so far, so good! He learned his name on day 1 and potty training hasn't been bad at all! We took him to the vet for a wellness check yesterday and everything is fine. Thank you for being such responsible, professional, & loving breeders! We're so glad to have taken the time to find the perfect people who would give us the perfect pet!

Christos Arampatzoglou


Very kind people very
High quality Rottweilers happy to be friends !!!



You're the best. Friendly and very beautiful Rottweilers. It was a pleasure to meet you Reggie and Sarah. Very professional. I love our new family member, He's a big boy!!!

Kerri Springs


Thank you guys for your hospitality, professionalism and our new puppy. You have some of the best looking Rottweilers in Houston, Texas. They are so well tempered and very well taken care of. Top kennel!!! We will be back for another Puppy in the future.

Von Hause Fatale Eleganz


Top quality ����beautiful Rottweilers

Jacky and Will


Thank you guy's for all your hospitality. We love our beautiful girl. You are the best kennel in Texas in my opinion. Keep up the great breeding. We'll definitely be back to purchase another puppy. Thanks!

Predrag Jokic


Top Kennel

Greg Vegher


Top Kennel!!!

Johanna Alimaza


It's out pleasure to share how much he's flourishing =) Keep doing what y'all are doing! You're changing people's negative perceptions of these beautiful dogs one pup at a time! We got our pup from Haus Des Groben Pfoten over the spring break of this year and haven’t had any health or behavior problems with our baby. He loves people, ESPECIALLY kids. A boy with a ball? Forget about it! He can’t contain himself! He’s very smart and has grown into his own adorable and funny personality. Everywhere we go, we get compliments on how handsome and healthy he looks and Shaka is always ready for loves and butt scratches. We can easily say that this breeder takes very good care of their pups. If you’re looking for a reputable breeder, contact these guys. Seriously!



Love, love, love him. He is already 12.4 lbs. taller than our Yorkie and multipoo. Vet said he is ‘perfect’ and to get ready! Lol. She said he is going to be a big dog and she loved his personality. He is so smart, is already crate trained at night and  knows his name. Cannot thank you enough for such an awesome family member. I have told many friends so don’t be surprised if you hear my name again. Or better yet, see my request for another pup!



Top kennel, excellent dogs, and great people!!! Superb puppy I have from you guys. Thanks...



My son and I love our new edition. His temperament is great and my son has a new bestfriend.Thank you so much for the most perfect puppy ever. 



Super kennel!!! We purchase our baby from Haus Des Groben Pfoten Kennel and the experience was wonderful. We will purchase our next puppy from this kennel. Thank you so much for our wonderful puppy.

Farah Deendar


Very happy with our sweet puppy. She is very even tempered dog. Haus Des Groben Pfoten are responsible Rottweiler breeders and take their customer experience seriously.



Awesome kennel. Very nice couple. Beautiful dogs. Thank you for my precious baby.



Thank you for my special boy. He's everything I wanted in a Rottweiler. I love his drive and he looks a lot like his dad, which I love. You have very awesome dogs. Thank you.



You guys have very beautiful fur babies. My kids and I love our new family member. Thank you. Highly Recommend.



Super Kennel!!! I surprised my husband for his birthday with our new girl. He absolutely loves her and we couldn't ask for a better puppy. We highly recommend Haus Des Groben Pfoten Kennel in Houston, Tx. 



Beautiful Rottweiler's. We love our Carla, thank you so much. Top kennel!!!

Cedo and Sonja Radetic

Novi Sad

Great couple, beautiful and nice kids, perfect familly and so professional kennel
Haus Des Großen Pfoten



Haus Des Großen Pfoten cares so much about all their Rottweilers! I'd say more than any other breeder in Texas. Their Rottweilers are so well tempered and beautiful. Best breeders EVER!! Very clean and loving kennel I have ever seen!!! I love all your beautiful Rottweilers!!



Haus Des GroBen Pfoten has some of the most beautiful Rottweilers in Texas. Great people with great dogs, and is very honest and caring. Top kennel.



Beautiful and amazing Rottweilers!!!! Your dogs are the best Rottweiler ever!!!

Dorian Sabau


Super kennel, super people and super dogs !!!

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